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gooruze_logo.pngI just wanted to take a moment to talk about something off of TechCrunch’s usual coverage, making revenue from your website :).

Clay Cook and his team over at Vibe Capital have created a online community around online marketing called Gooruze. The site is a place for advertising experts and neophytes to converge and discuss the ins and outs of anything from publicity to ad placement. They feature daily news stories, user generated articles, and user groups where members can get to know each other. The news page is lacking, though. The small font makes it rather hard to read and see what’s important. A blog, or Techmeme format would be nicer.

Andy Beal has a longer review on his site.

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One Response to “Don’t Know A Lot About Advertising? Ask Gooruze”

  1. Clay Cook Says:

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for the post on Gooruze.

    I hear you about the small font and the techmeme format. We will take that into consideration.


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