Running With Foxes


Trend Spotting 2.0

MySpace recently announced that developers can pay for promotion of their applications on MySpace’s platform (Rumored cost of $100,000 a week). I can’t say I’m surprised. MySpace has always been savvy as a media property. There are ads everywhere. Every one of those ads places a visual tax on their users. My question is it getting to be too much?


With a finger to the sky, I’m getting the feeling that users are getting restless and looking elsewhere. I recently looked at the Alexa stats for Facebook and MySpace and noticed an interesting cross over. At the beginning of April, Facebook surpassed MySpace in the rankings. Anecdotally, one of my best friends, who clearly fell in the MySpace camp (cool musician), joined Facebook and apparently abandoned his MySpace profile.

These services exist in a marketplace, and with the rise of Facebook and advent of OpenSocial / DataPortability, switching behavior will become easier. Social technology will also permeate a whole new set of properties (friendfeed, socialthing) that give users what they want, the chance to connect with old and new friends.

Users will vote with their clicks and take their business somewhere less cluttered. Users want to connect with old friends. Seeing the latest trailer or band is only incidental. Developers will also trickle away from the site if they’re not given a fair shake to make a profit, as Facebook is doing. MySpace may be making a dollar today, only to lose two in a year.

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