Running With Foxes


Trend Spotting 2.0

It looks like Top Friends is completely wiped from the FB app directory. I can’t even access it through the the original app link, nor find it in searches. TechCrunch and InsideFacebook are reporting the same. It looks like this wasn’t planned by Slide either, considering the promo for Top Friends on their site forwards to Human Pets. Normal downtime is also usually accompanied by a note from Facebook.

I’ve heard chatter in the dev community that Facebook doesn’t like Slide and Rock You’s top apps because it sees them as spammy. While I disagree (uninstalling is only a click away…), networks banning apps isn’t anything new. MySpace routinely shut down widget providers on their network, most famously on the eve of the Photobucket acquisition.

While I’ll be on a plane for the rest of the day, I’ll be curious to see what the reasons behind the deletion are. Was it Facebook? Was it a hacker? Was it Slide prepping a new launch?

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