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This is the blog of Nick Gonzalez, the TechCrunch analyst. I’m a graduate of UC Berkeley with degrees in business administration, economics, and minor in computer science.


After graduating, I worked for the Alameda County economic development agency called the Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB). Then I worked for the executive compensation data provider Equilar (They’re a great source of executive HR information and have a lot of great minds there).

After joining TechCrunch, it only seemed natural to hop on board and start my own blog, where I could learn more from all the really rad people in web 2.0, even though I sometimes forget their names (FYI, I’m bad with names and it’s ok if you’re bad with mine). As an aside, I’d like to say thanks for the mentorship I’ve been getting from Mike Arrington, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Gabe Rivera, Jeff Clavier, and Keith Teare.

In short, I really enjoy my job and hope you really enjoy my blog.